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Zealous Virginia Homicide Defense Lawyer

Aggressively fighting homicide charges

A defendant charged with a homicide faces a lifetime of incarceration or, in some cases, death. You need an attorney who is determined and serious about fighting for you, and who has the experience and knowledge to succeed. Afshin Farashahi has substantial experience in homicide cases.  When he was a prosecutor, he handled numerous high profile murder cases.  As a defense counsel, he has continued to be involved in high profile homicide cases.

Forensic evidence

A homicide investigation often involves the collection and analysis of extensive scientific evidence. Because jurors tend to put substantial faith in the reliability and conclusiveness of science, forensic evidence is one of the most powerful tools in the courtroom. Recently, Afshin was able to have a rape charge dismissed by preventing the admission of the prosecution’s DNA evidence.

Reducing a murder charge

The prosecution must show the element of intent for a first-degree murder charge. Disproving intent can lower the degree of the charge and minimize the sentence imposed. Afshin ensures that clients are fully informed about the feasibility of seeking a reduced charge.

For an aggressive defense, call a Virginia attorney who will fight for you.

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